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We are a creative garage studio. Video, animation, illustration is our language. Native.

Being small in numbers means being high in quality. Seriously. We don't have a secretary neither a door man. We are in love with video production, animation, illustrations and design.  We craft stories that catch the attention.  We are for custom, high quality, heavy duty projects.

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Video production

From script writing through the whole production phase till sound design we deliver high quality videos that target emotions. Our aim is to catch the human face, be natural and authentic.


Script writing, storyboarding, illustration - just some phases of the largely referred animation production. We talk in  stories and we  explain concepts otherwise hard to grasp. Classic or motion graphics either.


Custom graphics, illustrations, more complex ads, billboards, editorials, whatever - a really vast and complex array of possibilities to grasp and reproduce your ideas into original visuals that hungers for attention. 


For different industries 3D graphics and animation is a must to show off new products, technologies or invisible details to the human eye. Modelling, texturing, animation, quite a lot of work if you ask.


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